ADF TF Commission by Ykoriana

ADF TF Commission by

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Crocodile and Alligator
Forced Transformation

Digital shaded sketch for ADF.

This is his description of the scene:

"Two female test subjects lay in beds. The room like a hospital environment only the door to the room is like a prison, guards able to look through a slot to check on the patients.

To the left is someone on their way to becoming a giraffe. Hooves instead of hands indicate their transformation has no intent on leaving any humanity behind. Her long hind legs cover the length of the bed she's sitting on. Her upper body supported against a pillow, forelegs where she once had arms; rest on the bed between her hind legs to support her position. A tail between them. She's wearing a hospital robe like her room mate but it's doing little for her given her radically deforming body, simply tightly covering her flat chest given her size increase. Not that this conceals anything as her mammaries have migrated downward to be more in line with the species she's becoming.

On top a elongated neck she peers down on her room mate worryingly, an identification tag clipped to her now lengthy ears. A sense of shared predicament, they're both in the same boat.

To the right the second occupier of the room is turning into an alligator. Laying on her side, her hospital robe provides upper body covering but her lower body is exposed. She's largely keeping to herself despite sharing a room with another subject, preferring to curl up and pretend to be alone. Like her room mate she's somewhere between animal and human, but there is indications in her anatomy that she's going all the way rather than a hybrid like a furry. Her identification tag is worn around her neck, she holds it between her fingers (soon to be toes?) and gazes at it longingly. Perhaps it depicts a picture of her original self?"

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Wow. You can really feel their loneliness and sadness. I'm hit pretty hard by the stark hopelessness of their situation. Well done. This was a Must-Fave.