(Old) The Pissed Yena (2011) by Adaru32

(Old) The Pissed Yena (2011) by

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Muscle Growth

As the title states, this was an old sequence I made back in 2011. This was around the time I got really lazy with colouring.

This was just a little something I made for fun where I transform into a werehyena after getting mad (You use your imagination on what I'm mad about, heheheh).

Hyenas are another one of my favourite animals, and was inspired to make myself as one after making a werehyena image for someone. After this sequence, it inspired me to make a werehyena story.

And yes, I added sound to this sequence on my Youtube channel which you can view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q32xO9VAyDQ

It was my very first full transformation audio I've created.

Done with pencil first then went over and put everything together on Photofiltre and GIMP.