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aw-bluemoon by AlphaWolf
17696 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
Strange things happen during a blue moon. My first serious attempt at colouring a sketch in PS6 and Illustrator 9.
aw-bull-tf by AlphaWolf
20425 views, 47 favorites, 1 comment
Never accept offers of nose piercings from strange women at a rodeo...
aw-minotaur x-form by AlphaWolf
9913 views, 20 favorites, 0 comments
Standard precautions should be observed when moving crates of experimental bovine growth serum
aw-werelion by AlphaWolf
20516 views, 59 favorites, 1 comment
Inspired by GoldenMane's great lion TF sequence
aw-gorilla by AlphaWolf
12707 views, 15 favorites, 2 comments
When doing research on lowland gorrillas, try not to get *too* into your work.
aw-weregoat by AlphaWolf
11224 views, 26 favorites, 0 comments
By the light of the full moon, this ravenous beast prowls the lettuce patch
aw-cow by AlphaWolf
10604 views, 40 favorites, 0 comments
He's got more than enough milk now
aw-fishman by AlphaWolf
9885 views, 8 favorites, 0 comments
Late-night dips in the water near a nuclear power plant have strange effects
aw-bulldog by AlphaWolf
6140 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
A new way to get through the "Dog Days" of Summer
aw-shark by AlphaWolf
11387 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
Sharkbites can be a big problem. Wereshark bites can be and even bigger one.