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Werewolf shenanigans by Sergio P. Wolf
4571 views, 52 favorites, 7 comments
More werewolves!
Trevor the Cool Werewolf by Sergio P. Wolf
7296 views, 37 favorites, 8 comments
Damn, Trevor, why are you so cool? Too cool for me, he'd never want to hang out with me.
Ciervo art trade by Sergio P. Wolf
6023 views, 57 favorites, 3 comments
Here's my half of an art trade with the very nice @Ciervo, won't you watch his arts? Won't you?
Nerdy Werewolf by Sergio P. Wolf
4285 views, 29 favorites, 5 comments
Nerd werewolves, it's kind of a thing, I suppose.
Self Portrait by Sergio P. Wolf
3950 views, 30 favorites, 8 comments
I guess this is what happens when you start a self-portrait, get bored, then suddenly remember you have this odd fetish. Viola! DEM WEREWOLVES!
Off-Duty Werewolf by Sergio P. Wolf
5757 views, 42 favorites, 2 comments
The day before a full moon can be stressful when you are only kinda wolf. Everyone wants a full werewolf, well not tonight, kids, move along. This is just a sketch! I'll probably do a full fledged version of this when I find the time...