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Aries Bell by Angrboda
22183 views, 208 favorites, 4 comments
a trade with Cobalt K
monster manual - rat thief by Angrboda
20413 views, 193 favorites, 13 comments
The title page art from our most recent book that I can show publicly since it's part of the preview on lulu. Had a lot of fun doing an old school muzzle growth turnaround! If you want to grab the book, you can hit up ! Thanks guys!
Escape from the Zone by Angrboda
19936 views, 62 favorites, 7 comments
I rarely promo anything on here that's for sale, but I just released this book and I figured you guys might be interested: Abe wrote it; I drew 12(+) images to go along with it. Slow, sci-fi, girl to dragon babe ft. heavy themes of corruption and recruitment. There's a better summary at the link. If you're interested, thank you, you're great! If you're not, NBD, maybe next time.
atomic cover art by Angrboda
30406 views, 327 favorites, 7 comments
The art for the cover to a TF artbook I just released - thought you guys might enjoy the illustration. You can check out the book and a ton of other stuff I've worked on at
must have lost the group by Angrboda
2 images, 36591 views, 201 favorites, 15 comments
Sequence commission for lostcat. Try not to get lost in the museum next time I suppose :D
on the lone prairie by Angrboda
33418 views, 356 favorites, 10 comments
commission. basic were-coyote type thing.
hanging with the hula dancers by Angrboda
45912 views, 319 favorites, 5 comments
dude > lemur girl. (commission) No warnings this time :P
Return of the Gatorgirl by Angrboda
4 images, 84032 views, 731 favorites, 22 comments
A four page sequence I collaborated on with Newenglander (who did the writing, panel breakdowns, and monologue). Parts of it are a little older, but I still like it. It's meant to fit in with my old gator girl pics, but because it's so different stylistically, I kept them separate.
Apex by Angrboda
4 images, 91914 views, 915 favorites, 29 comments
Four page sequence for Fuego. Girl > jaguar girl.
leasara by Angrboda
36195 views, 204 favorites, 10 comments
Commission from the super sweet leasara from AC 2010.