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Sometimes a little night-time reading can be dangerous... A new short sequence titled the maiden and the manuscript. [complete]


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Looking forward to it!


Did she go to the bookstore in her underwear, I wonder?


Looking good so far - and I'll be curious to see what happens with her :3. I might suggest trying to clean up your pencil lines just a bit - I like the sketch look, but when you color you might want to erase some of the stray flyaways.


Very nice. When do you think you will be getting around to uploading the next page?


It's hard to say when the next one will be up; it's not drawn yet and it is finals time for me. After several of my projects are done and I have time I'll crank out the next couple pages of this one. Thanks in advance for your patience.


Nice! Looking farward to the rest!


:Smiles: Never buy strange books...


On the contrary - always buy the strange books, the ones in the back.


this should be good and fawn to my knowleage is an animal. is that what she will be transforming into and will it be anthro like all your others?


The title of the book isn't romanized- it's just made up symbols arrived at by deconstructing letters. There is no significance to what it "says"


Hrmm... I could still see a satyr-ish creature (Faun by another name) - even if the title is coincidential... or perhaps just some other hooved mammal.... I guess time will tell ^_^


Finals- I feel your pain, sister. I'm surprised anyone ever gets any art done in May. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the sequence, but don't neglect your studies! ^_^ V


woah... those eyes O\_/O... very spooky, great sequence btw!


Awesome! Great seq.!


Oooh - spiffin so far! My new guess is Chimaera :3


Yeah, it's not looking like a stock-rate satyr anymore. Excitement! (And thanks for managing this between finals! You go girl!)


creepy little face in the corner this is defintely not the sequnce of yours that would best describe you. that honor from by point of view is valery's vixen one with the 100000 hits comic thrown in.


Have to agree with Werewolfjedi. The sequence had been fantastic up to this point, but now has gotten a bit . . . creepy. Think I'll say goodbye now to you and Transfur (not that anyone will miss me, really).


Azzor- if you're going to leave transfur, don't blame it on me. You have the ability to view or not view something at your discretion: if you hate my sequence so much, don't look at it. It's simple. At least then next time you go whining for attention ("not that anyone will miss me, really") it won't be on the comment page for my work. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh but quite frankly your comment really pissed me off. Thanks for nothing.


I'm sorry to hear that people were giving you a hard time, making your pictures about them and not you. I was seething about it all day, truth to tell, saying "Oh, this is good, but draw what I want instead." Okay, as for my own feelings, I just love it. I don't know what it is about that sort of shift in pigment of the lips and nose in transformation sequences that just make my jaw drop. I love the expression on her face, it's eerie and hungry, and very well done. You're doing a great job


Thanks Griffin, I appreciate your comments. I'm really glad you (and several others) like the sequence so far :3 The black lips I got from drawing the great cats so much, I liked it a lot and kind of just appropriated it into my aesthetic vocabulary :P


Good work as always. Tis a bit different from your earlier work but, hey, one cannot give things the same feel over and over. It bores both the audience and the author after awhile.


Wow, Azzor. Talk about uncalled for. With an attitude like that, what's there to miss? And Angrboda - I love your sequences. This one has been great so far and I'm looking forward to seeing more!


I also think it's awesome, I'm very fond of personality changes and the transformation is looking awesome... keep it up, don't dare let these people discourage you.


I got no idea way this is seen as creepy, i mean... If this is creepy then you really must be scared as hell of horror movies or something heh. So it has a bit of evil in it, big deal. Me loves this!


personnaly i like this pic plz come out with the next few soon i really want to see them


I don't believe Azzor said she/he hated it,just found it creepy.Perhaps its creepy to a generation raised on furry tf picks,but its got nothing on the kind of images you'll find on the inside front cover of the old horror magazines.


I think it's a rather attractive and sexy way to feel about transforming.


Awsome pic, par usual. I am enjoying this sequence and don't let anyone tell you otherwise about your art!


great work even with the creepy face in the corner, im mostly wondering what its going to turn into


This one's hot, I can't wait to see the rest!


Creepy fanglyTFs are my meat and bread, so no complaints here :)


Really awesome sequence! That sign is awesome, btw. ;p


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? :) Once again, well done.


No, when life gives you lemons make life take the lemons back! Get Mad! I don't want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man whose gonna burn your house down - with the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that'll burn your house down!


Yay!! The sign strikes again! Youve really become a fav around here Frost! Great Job and I also have to say thanks to the guy who commisioned this with his humor!


I don't think I get the joke in the last panel. But it's a great sequence! Good tf, and humorous too!


THE SIGN!!!! Anyway very nice.


Haha! The sign should be a regular!


so this fox you chose is, the Arctic Fox?!?


Thank you all again for your kind remarks - Newenglander's got some WONDERFUL talent as a writer, and it's always a pleasure to draw for him. Yup - arctic fox this time around.


very nice and im guessing the sing is going to be your trademark now or is it going to stay with her?


Great work as usual. Love the arctic fox tf. You may find this funny, but I have never wished to have a fur coat but I have wishes to be an anthropomorphic fox several times. Hopeful wishing though. I would love to see this in color. Keep up the great work and keep your sense of humor.


Now don't tell me that was the end! It was just getting good, too...


We need a conclusion!


...was that it? ._. Aww...


If her body looks weird, it's because the bottom half was completely redrawn halfway through. As for your issue with her face, I guess I'm not seeing it. I was pretty happy with this, but whatever. They can't all be gems I suppose.


ohh yeahhh finally the page 4 is here !!! thx very much !!


Nice work Angrboda. Regarding the face, I think it has to do with how the nose and mouth is drawn. The nose seem detached from the face while the mouth seem to have a 'Simpsons' style (lips pushing out on one side like a beak). Maybe the nose is could be explained by a growing muzzle (if muzzle there is), but the mouth prevent that. Still, nice coloring work too.


Ahh, there's nothing like a nice, close-up 'tail ripping out thru the pants (or undies)' picture in the AM...


I think the face looks fine o.o


Glad to see the change continues!


Glad to see you back oh mother of monsters. ^_^ Well worth the wait. I hope no real problems have been keeping you away. I really like your art style!


Dig the 4th page. :) I hadn't noticed it until fiddler brought it up, but there is something about the hands. The linework looks fine, but they're often shaded a lot less dramatically than the rest of the figure. Again, though, completely fantastic, otherwise. n.n


I saw the others and was wondering when you'd continue this. I like it so far. nice work. ^^


Worried we scared you off. For the record, I have no problem with this. Keep it up!


Maybe the style is a little more different because Angrboda had took most of our advice and completely removed her construction lines. So if you dont like it as much, guess whos fault that is :D


Great! Sure hope i can get my hands on one of them books!


The book say "Faph". Anyways great job!


Splendid work. What I especially love about this sequence is that it succeeds without relying on a starving Barbie-esque fashion queen for a subject. The girl is pleasantly curvy and seems more "real" than most of those in this genre, and as a result, it's easier to relate to her. That alone makes all the difference; being able to envision oneself in the victim's situation makes it twice as exciting. Don't ever change your style, it's already beautiful.


Very nice to have you back again - and I second Sweetsteph: it's great having realistic female figures on the site, rather than twigs. Kudos!


Awesome! Great to have you back, Angrboda. Nice touch having the tail color be green as well.


oh wow, this looks great :) but its a rough jump from page 4 to this one...but mybe im just stupid ;-)


Very demonic..................sweet.

Corvidimus I gotta hold off on my succubus one :P Really cool thus far - curling horns, wings, tattoos, no pupils (gotta love no pupils). Itching to see the last!


You should totally do a succubus one, FD. We can make November "Demonic Women Month" :P




for over a thousand generations, the spartans were the guardians and protectors of the galaxy..... before the dark times..... before the empire....(nice pic btw)


I bet that does feel sooooooo good.


May I say you do wonderfull air?


May I say you do wonderfull air?


is this the end ??? NOOOO i want mooree !!! yu d'ont have another tf sequences in your bags ?? /45


any way I could possibly get a larger resolution version for my desktop? please *sad puppydog eyes*


Redpolarbear- e-mail me. I color all these at 300 dpi; whipping up a desktop for you would be no problem.


I love your work, this series is one of my favorites!


I'm super glad you like it, Juan. I'll admit it was heavily influenced by your (awesome) work :P


I think this is one of the best frames in the whole sequence. The posing is nice, very different, the feet and hands are well drawn, and the little horns on his head are a nice touch. Nice job here.


And so she finally is gonna complete her change,,,,,,nice work indeed.


I´m not an artist, but that is one of my favorite series, or call it what you want. Well, anyway, excellent work!


... Indeed...


Very nice sequence, and amazing colourings! :)


It looks very sureal but is it jus me or does she look pregnant


I do enjoy.


Fascinating. One has to wonder, what does a person do after such a change? I just can't picture her working at Subway or being a high school counsellor.


Cactus Man--Lead singer of a heavy metal band of course. ;) But wonderful way to top off this long-awaited sequence. :)


Truly a fantastic sequence. You help raise the GPA of transfur a few points all by yourself.


freakin' sweet.


I get this feeling she isn't even evil, either. I mean, not inherently or anything.


super cool! i don't have to say it, but your coloring rocks!! you are also quite good with just drafting figures and hands, and expression of form--gah!! i sound like my art teacher. awesome tho dude, can't wait for the next


That was a cool sequence, Hope your next one is just as good.....................and doesn't take as logn to complete! ;)


I wasn't too pleased with the end result. I thought it was going to be more of an animal transformation than a demon transformation. You do good work, but I didn't care for this one.


dang the sign is funner than the tf


Wonderful stuff! The quality of your work is consistently amazing!


the number-one dragon tf pic... and it isn't even a dragon XD


I love succubus, demon girls and hooves feet


A Tf featuring a chubby, imperfect girl who doesn't fit the description of the perfect Hollywood actress. Not the type of girl we've all come to expect in a TF. FINALLY!


I live the artwork!!


In the 4th and 5th, her breasts are veeeery low on her chest. I think it is more noticeable in the 4th one though.