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Date: 2/3/2009 Views: 60607 Favorites: 274 Comments: 23


4 page black and white comic style commish. When Cecelia's brother is kidnapped, she recruits some magical help to follow him with all possible speed. [girl > gryphon]


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great! definitely needs a sequel! ;)


Generally verrrry nice work :) I do love your realistic female body structures. Only constructive crit I can really point to is that in the running sequence, because of where her belt is, you've drawn the tail emerging from the small of her back (middle of the spine). Having the classic "arg arg *trouser pull down*" moment would have been cluttering to this piece and totally off-tone, so I see why you did it that way but, being a magical transformation and as the rest of the clothes disappear, I could see you working it in from the 'right' spot just fine.


Great work. Is it just me or are the arms in pic 2-top right transforming to wings. But then went to paws in pic 3 and later there are no wings on her frontpaws? Were the arms supposed to tf to wings and you changed your mind halfway trough the comic? Sill awesome work!


Great work... i like it very much. Think you could make this in color thats all i can think of to make even better.


I rather hope that the harpies (and the commissioner) have a similarly metamorphic plan in mind for the young lady's brother.


I think this is the first "true" comic I've seen you do (viz. layout and consistency), and it's marvellous! You can make the subtlest palette really sing, was this in Painter or PS?


An excellent sequence! (though I can't help but feel she 'lucked out' there: any mage who doesn't label or organize his potions is asking for trouble....) 7@=Q


Masterx- I wasn't going with wings, her arms are supposed to be feather-y at and just above the elbow. I'll admit they look furry in the later panels so that's probably me getting lazy. Thanks for keeping me honest :P


fen- it's a mix. The inks are mostly painter but the coloring is all PS. Thanks!


ahouldent it be like FLLLLLLYYYYYY! instead its just "fly." like some dude at a gas station is saying it


Lovely sequence, but I hope the change is temporary...her brother's gonna freak out over this! XD


Very, very good. Awesome shading on the last pic - love it! (Also, love the dialogue on the first pic xD)


Great work!


Beautiful, I wonder if she's going to rescue her brother? ((And emphazing fly would be a bit...overboard)


A tiger griffin. Nice. I like this sequence. Wonder if she'll rescue her brother.


Amazing sequence. Makes me feel giddy at how free that much feel :x.


Hehe, that's great! ...Of course, she's going to have a bit of trouble explaining this later...


Hahaha, wow. Now that was one incredibly impulsive woman. :P On the other hand, she'll be able to save her sibling.


looks really cool, good job.


She needs to be fast, but she shouldn't use the potion on herself? It's weird XD. But very cool TF :D


This was really well made, I like it ^^


The art is fantastic, but that's sort of given with your work. What really made this was the dialogue. You're one of the only artists on Transfur who's dialogue is believable.


i love this piece. the comic book style adds a nice touch. Really good job.