The Jewel of Keero by Antiquity-Varmint

The Jewel of Keero by

Date: 8/25/2015 Views: 27982 Favorites: 50 Comments: 6


All five finished colored pages of this comic will be posted here. Right now coloring will be one very long progress work to deal with. I might add some sound effects to the work, where the poor guy will suffer the changes that makes noise! I thought it won't hurt to offer this one page sneak peak preview here! Coming soon to Transfur, deviantart, Furaffinity, and weasyl! Check your favorite furry site for any future updates on my work.

8/12/15 Update: I finished coloring the first page, however I still need to keep on coloring more and second page here is not shaded yet. Sound effects is not yet added, still work in progress.

8/25/15 Update: Is it now finished, unless I need to work more on the shading in the near future.


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so, cartoony o3o


Thanks for your comment here!


I love it


Thank for your kind comment here, I do appreciate it.


oh, lol why he should get stuck in that tube? x3


Ferrets do love messing around with it! They're useful for being playful, cute and dooking around with it!