Mecha Furs' Cafe by Antiquity-Varmint

Mecha Furs' Cafe by

Date: 8/30/2016 Views: 24550 Favorites: 55 Comments: 13

I now have finally finished all eight pages! WHOO!!

Eight pages, over 50 panels created so far. No regrets.

Techno character belongs to the Beepy/Anteatr/robocoon. Techno have been used with permission.


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can you please put namber on the picture to let us know what go befor what because its very confusing right now


There is a page number down right corner on each of the page. Maybe color version might actually work better than the black and white we have right now. Try this, it reads from left to right. Start with the top row, next to the middle row, and than to the bottom row. All pages here have three rows. Again, try to read from left to right on each row. Hopes that helps.


thanks this help me to anderstend what is going one hire but in color it will be better.

thanks for your help.


whyd he bite himself?


Because piece of food was stuck between one of his teeth. However when his teeth was changing into razors. He cut himself on it. I realized this is where the words needs to be placed soon as possible on those pages as I find the missing notes.


Page six looks final, I'm curious what the final three pages will show.


Oops, meant final two pages.


Finally finished the final pages :D


Wildly imaginative, like a Dr. Seuss style TF- love it!


Thanks for your kind words here! :D


I don't think there's a comic in existence that better details my ideal Friday night. Great work! I really enjoy your art style and the vibrant colors.


Aw thanks! I'm flattered to read your words here. I'm glad you did enjoy reading my comic work here. :D


Nice Work!