Unfinished comic story for Taki/Orange by Antiquity-Varmint

Unfinished comic story for Taki/Orange by

Date: 12/30/2018 Views: 2866 Favorites: 5 Comments: 2


Hello, you are looking at unfinished comic story for my friend Taki/Orange. Since I'm stuck living with my parents for years. This was meant to be a free art gift for Taki/Orange himself as a friend. I made up my mind that I decided to close this project and post the thumbnails as it is. My parents doesn't support the idea of me giving away comic pages for free. This comic story have no funds to continue/finish the project. because they're lot of work and effort to put into. Takes lot of hours, days, etc. Makes it very difficult to hide the project away from my parents. If anybody wants to donate $255, that means $85 each page. That can help get this comic story finished for Taki. because Taki is now unemployed, and living with his own parents.


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Hey, a flying fox!


...or a falling fox, but a falling fox turning into a flying fox isn't as punny as a flying fox turning into a flying fox