Stop Animating by Anxiousounce

Stop Animating by

Date: 7/17/2015 Views: 11447 Favorites: 40 Comments: 4

Forced Transformation

I figured I'd inaugurate myself with an older piece of mine... of me transforming into one of my own characters from a long-term animation project...

Any minute now I'm going to regret not designing myself with many visible muscles. (In the story she had an ill-fed cubhood.)


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I like it a lot, I like it. Those gestures are great and does have energy movements to it. I loved the face in the eighth panel where he put his paws on the wall.

However, there are areas are very messy, very rough and kind of hard to figure out. Please, try and be more clear with your own visual messages. I'm looking forward to seeing more TF arts from you in the near future.


I'm not one of those people who values clarity, funnily enough, as much as accuracy. It's kinda hard for me to bear to tie down sketchy lines that capture the panic...

That said, this piece is almost five years old. My idea was to inaugurate the gallery with my newest piece next to a really really old one. The newer ones aren't necessarily slicker (I'm easily bored by slick art) but way clearer, if that makes things any better...


The action poses are very well done!

It would be amazing to see these translated into a more finished style. 7@=e


Awe I love this idea but I can't really make it out ;w;