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pyroth by Arania
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Pyroth from the Island of Dr. Moreau, Baneful's Character. Unlike many of the already unfortunate islanders, Pyroth's fate is even worse - to become a nonmorphic coyote. Sequence now complete!
Little Red FINISHED sm by Arania
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or 'My What Big Teeth I Have" :). I've been working on this piece on and off for the past few weeks alongside commissions - It's something I've wanted to do for a very long time, finally sketched back in March, and just recently made the time to actually color.
amaya by Arania
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It's apparently Iguana-week ^_~. And OMG the scales XD. Amaya, character by Kitara Kata - a teenage girl undergoes a transformation into an iguana - not quite as empowering of a transformation as Colche's, Amaya faces selfconfidence issues as she looks less and less like a girl as she becomes a reptile.
colche by Arania
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Now complete, Colche has fully transformed into an anthropomorphic King Cheetah - going from a scared, abused woman into a beautiful, confident, elegant feline.
griffoncatsm by Arania
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Jorg commission 3 of 4 :). A small wildcat is imbued with the same magical energy, unleashing a primal transformation into a large griffon.
deerunicornsm by Arania
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The second of Jorg's four shorter commissions - this one not -quite- a reverse transformation per se as a magical awakening. A humble doe becoming a magical unicorn. Two more forthcoming :)
foxkitsunesm by Arania
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The first of four 5-page reverse-transformation commissions I did for Jorg :) - This one, a small fox assumes a cute anthro-kitsune form :)
cockatricesm by Arania
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A recent 3-part commission :3 A sudden, unexpected, but not necessarily unwelcome transformation into a 4' anthropomorphic cockatrice :3
reflectionwglosssm by Arania
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A recent piece I'm VERY happy with. Lots of mood and symbology and atmosphere in this one. My muse also bit me quite hard with this piece - was up very late for two days in a row working on it :)
sirenz by Arania
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A transformation sequence, not just of the busty doctor into a vixen, but also of my art style over the past 8 months. The first piece first, and the last piece I just finished yesterday.