unicorn tf by Arania

unicorn tf by

Date: 6/3/2004 Views: 33207 Favorites: 47 Comments: 5


A quick middle 2-part TF i was inspired to draw at work today. I love the energy and detail I can get with pencils. When he found the magazine boasting to change him into the guy of women's dreams, and increase his size, this isn't what he expected...


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Arania, great TF! Just wish that this was longer than a two parter. OH well...


these are both excellent... there's a very good sense of motion and increasing bulk, and that second frame can be a tricky angle that's pulled off pretty well. I don't even like unicorns, but this is one of the best I've seen on this archive in a while. =)


oh man orgasmim orgasim!!!! hahah just kidding. Seriously your pictures just keep getting better. Yeah i cant wait if there is more of a tf. I hate to be a suck up but hell your art work has brought new life to me at least. Ive been waiting for tf art like yours for a while. I say again, keep doin what your doing cause its working haha.


Not to mention:"Absolutely No Toxins! Guaranteed Strength And Purity!" 7@=e


Well, now he can say (whinny?) that he truelly IS hung like a h....

Nevermind. Great picture!