surfersm by Arania

surfersm by

Date: 12/16/2004 Views: 37120 Favorites: 109 Comments: 6


I'm BACK! Yes! That's right - the semester is over *cackles* - Anywho! This is a commission from Fury :3 - a surfer, heedless of the warnings that this beach is offlimits to swimmers strides forward, board in arm.


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yay you're back. And with a creature from the Black Lagoon kind of TF. Its different, but different is always cool. because if it were all the same, it'd get boring. Hooray to new and orginal ideas ^-^


damn you and your semester ending before mine : (

but your sequence helps make the passing of studying for stupid exams at 2 am just a little easier : ) like, woah...!


Purr.. lucky bahsturd.


Don't see many of these much. I like it!


why is he wearing socks to go swiming


I really like this sequence. I love the detail on the hands/feet and the spinal spikes. this is an awesome peice of art.