bewere by Arania

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Date: 2/22/2005 Views: 43051 Favorites: 182 Comments: 8

Cursed Location

A commission for Canem :3 - A catburglar has had his sights on this house for some time now - a nice neighborhood, yet not closely guarded. the only thing that stands in his way is what he assumes to be a poorly-written sign - yet no actual dog.


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very nice. ^_^ Stealthwolf-SS ^_^


Great dog tf you did for my friend Canem! He's very excited about it. Excellent work on the facial expressions. It's really fun to watch you continue improving!


Yes, a fantastic sequence - one of your best yet. (I especially like #8.) Makes me ashamed I'm not doing much TF art these days...


*smiles* I think 8 was one of my favorite pages as well ^^ - I like the look of being trapped an dhim realizing it ^^. Looking back I see that my scanner cut off the foot ><. Oh well. You should do more, Comus! Not enough other new TF art these days :)


Pretty cruel woman... better stay out of her way.


Nice,I like your doggy skeching,so cute.


Bewere of dog : d hahahaha in my opinion great would be to be were dog Turn into the dog when they want, where they want. Super: d


One of my faves :)