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A gangsta-type individual (an original character of JadeEye called Jamal) starting a rather reluctant transformation into a white tiger. Though sometimes carnivore blood in an already violent individual can have some... unpleasant results. Now complete. I'll be uploading a few completed IoDM sequences here in the next week or two which the owners' have seen the final versions of already.


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XDDDDDD One of the best concepts I've heard.


A Brother on Transfur? Now that's rare!


I like the expression


Awesome! The face is priceless and I how his hands and feet are turning into paws yet are still human-ish. This would rock as a sequence.


great! i love the ears. and when are you going to update the site? love to see some new stuff.


wicked cool! i like the concept alot--and RQ is right; is it just me or are werewolf movies always about white kids from the suburbs? :-P--great colors, i like the tattoos


Very nice.


Jamal has finally CHANGED!! XDD Excellent adaption of the origonal character :D oooh, poor Jamal turning all white XDD


Cool:) Generally dislike blood and gore in tf pics but the rest of the tf takes the attention away from the blood.


Jamal3? What happened to the second one? In any case, bravo for showing a black male tf.


Technically the first one I uploaded was the second one XD. Sorry about the confusion. I didn't draw his fully human stage. >>


Very nice. ^^ This is great.


If people are interested - I didn't draw the "first" image from the sequence, but picked up for someone else who went MIA. But if you want to see what Jamal looked like before the Tiger DNA: http://arania.kamiki.net/misc/jamal1.jpg (Art by Anya).


Wow it's so cool! JadeEye was really happy. (:


Its good. But. . . Too quick. But. . . Cosidering the quality itr good. Even though i liked your old ones better. Those pencil story in the corner type. PLZ people dont h8 me for saying this.


Pete, given the quality of what arania gives here, It's a good TF, and It doesn't need more in my opinion :) Good work Arania, can't wait to see #4, the final?


Yup, there is one more final image coming - it will probably be a while, though ^_^


vary well on the texture of the fur i like it a lot maybe you could put in hin gangstar sweats or somthing and tfing in the white tiger lol just a suggestion


*shrugs* Just because not all the fingers are visable by the angle doesn't mean that they're not there.


Very nice. Still one of my favorite sequences.


Great sequence, it also fits with the image I picked up of a psycho tiger SCAB as written by Phil Geuse for his Martian Flu stories ^_^


Yay! Jamal's finally finished. I personally like the third frame the best.Um, I have a question...where can I find this IoDM roleplay? From the sounds of it, it looks like a fanfic of sorts, but where can I actually read it?


A Jamacan tiger. I admire your creativity.


I love his pose in the second-last pic!