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Date: 4/11/2006 Views: 80452 Favorites: 295 Comments: 31


A transformation sequence, not just of the busty doctor into a vixen, but also of my art style over the past 8 months. The first piece first, and the last piece I just finished yesterday.


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I really like this "Transformation" sequence because it's neither painful looking nor disturbing. The good "Doctor" acts like it's just something that "Happens."


*Wow* that fur is amazing, not just a hint or fuzzy edges, has real heft and volume I also love her Shiney outfit those wrinlkes and nipple buldges just add more to the realisim of the otherwise artificial appearance. So I ask myself why does it still seem fake with all this wonderful detail, hard to say IT seems to be mostly in the flow of colors my eyes seem to say this is all painted in computer, the tones to even the colors too rich. It is not a bad thing it is all part of the wonderful style, if the goal was to make her look great you did very well, it would take hours to top the quality and detail presanted here, the lack of background may be seen as negative by some but I think it is good too, it lets your hand and our eyes focus on the primary subject.


Well done. I've gotta know where you can find a doctor that dresses like *that*


I mean no disrespect when i say that i believe this is oe of the best pictures and sequences you have ever done. the art is phenominal and the colors are fantastic.




Very nice, I like the happy mood as well as the fact that at each stage of the transformation from human to vixen and inbetween, she is quite attractive.


Thanks, guys. This is for the same purpose as the beginings of some of Bilious's sequences he's been posting. IN a few months I should have a few sequences of the same length/style as this one ^_^.


the cloth, the claws, the fur...UGH the fur!! that last frame is among the most awesome protrayals of fox chicks known to man kind. kick ass. you rock my face off. 8-0


Now this is awesome


Maybe you should have let the eyes blue at the end, but I like it anyway.


I dunno. There is a change of style of your drawing in picture 2 (pic1: comic-style, pic2: more realistic shading) and 4 ( suddenly a tree trunk, then disappearing as well as the coat, as well as a happy grin in pic 3 to a sad look in the next pic which all impresses a kind of change of content (?!) like ... from a nice tf'in female doctor (white coat :P) in pic 3 to a dark colour (evil) gothic lady in pic 4. With that in mind the sequence all in all looks a bit thrown together... sorry for the critics. But every single pic is VERY well drawn! ;)


Well, you can definately tell that you're getting better.. Keep it up. (I still say work on the human figure more. It's still out of proportion)


now that is nice, and your stile on the last one is just, wow. it looks the same in some ways but totaly different in other ways, how did you get it like that?


The coloring is really good but the poses are really really random.


Luzu - well, instead of being a transformation that takes place over the course of a few minutes, this is actually drawn for a purpose of illustrations of a very slow transformation occurring in quick 'changes' over the course of several months, hence the changes in expression and pose and clothing. I should have specified ^.^


i noticed on your Diventart account, you have the beginnings for some other sequences. are you gonna finish them soon?


Yellow - yeah, those are the other ones I made reference to, and I will - They're being done for an interactive project that involves RP and so I don't want to "release" the stages publically until it's reached that point in the storyline. I can post what I've got released so far of the sequences - but I'm unsure if people want to be teased over the course of a few months, or would rather I wait until they're all complete?


I like watching how the style changed over time.


The coloring in the last frames is really great.


I've been pretty quiet here, up till now, heh. After seeing this sequence and how you detailed the changes in each part, I'll have to admit, I'm impressed. I just /had/ to comment. Very slow change are pretty cool too, though sometimes it may not be evident right from the start. I didn't pick up on that till I saw your comment. You've yet again pulled off a beauty!


The fur does have big heft and volume, which is nice. There is one flaw that I can see. In #3, when she first has no shoes, her furry feet look very unnatural. They don't even look human w/ fur, possibly because of the toes. Also, in #5, the pose on her left paw, which blocks the upper toe-thing, doesn't quite look right from that perspective. The fur, especially on the chest, does look great, and the rest of the sequence is nice. (There is a point about her casual outfit...Might have been better to stick with a similar outfit, or have the lab coat open, to reveal the casual outfit, then ditch the labcoat. It's still a great piece, though, and you've gotten a lot better. It's a great piece.


All I can say my dear is *fantastic*! Excellent color and sequence...




it another one of your great work


I don't know if it was done intentionally, but the girl's face in the third frame is quite cute, almost teasing in a way.


Funny how my 5 stages are the only ones posted here. Someone gave me the link to this in the thread. I do like the art but I wanted to be surprised. :(


You seem to have improved.


love the pic. :)


i wana tf im lovein this one its so cool i love alot of anthros


Sexy Fox really!


This is a great TF, but why does it show up under the 'Frog' category?