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Date: 4/25/2007 Views: 40947 Favorites: 83 Comments: 9


Tommy Christensen - an air force person had an unfortunate crash just off Moreau's island, and finds himself a very different sort of flyboy. Now Complete!


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Oh man... that 3rd image is gonna give me nightmares.....


hmm.. it's a good transformation. but as for the character. looks a little young for a air-force pilot and if he crashed while on the job(which seems to be implied) then why is he not wearing his flight suit being the only cloths they would have on.


giraffe - *laughs* I kept thinking about the batboy tablet character when working on this sequence, too XD. TrueKaiser - actually he's airforce personnel, but not a pilot. He was a passenger in the plane that went down.


From the teeth, I'd say vampire bat... they have the fewest, but very sharp. Cool. When those wings develop some more, he'll at least be able to walk on them. That looks awkward...


Hmmm, you've done far better; the expression on the first is funky though.


you planning a similar sequence with a female?


Wow, the shift between the last two images is waaaaaaay too abrupt.


Fiddler- how so? mostly he just grew furr and his eyes changed and things generally shifted XD at least IMO awesome work, Arania! He's totally huggable now <3


awsome coloring (the area you've shown incredable improvement) - but I really suggest taking a moment do an image flip horizontal--- you will (probably) notice all the errors symmetry (especially in the faces) --- sorry for being a critic especially when I've been denied an artist account :P :P