ravensm by Arania

ravensm by

Date: 1/4/2007 Views: 41409 Favorites: 166 Comments: 8

Raven and Crow

A young woman hiking through the woods and looking for photo opportunities snaps a photo of a very strange and disturbing assemblage of ravens. Within moments, a transformation wracks her body changing her into a malign anthro raven.


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Ooh. An anthro birdy! Need to see more of those around here. So I hafta ask...if she's gone all evil and scheming at the end there, what's she plotting? How to lure more humans in to ravenize, perhaps? ^_^


Definately not enough crow and raven transformations, thanks again for sharing :-)


Malignant,exciting,the hell and transformation young girl,he he he!


Great sequence as per usual from Ariana! You're never a disappointment,


Hi Arania! great sequence! Any news on the Jamal white tiger sequence?


I like this sequence...but i like most of your work anyway...Definatly needs to be more anthro birds


Awesome!! I LOVE the detil of the feathers.


Good final pose