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Biosuit by blackshirtboy
15497 views, 103 favorites, 4 comments
An intrepid space explorer gets suited up as one of the natives! It's Avatar but furry(er)!
a halloween operation by blackshirtboy
18448 views, 210 favorites, 6 comments
Happy Halloween, everyone!
Business Poodle by blackshirtboy
10224 views, 66 favorites, 2 comments
just a quick thing I made to play with Manga Studio. Poodle TG's, poodle TG's everywhere.
Horse by blackshirtboy
7546 views, 57 favorites, 3 comments
On a day like any other, a mall rat finds herself becoming a horse for some reason! Another quick tf I drew up a few days ago, I may colour this one in the future, but I'm trying to get past the compulsion to colour everything I do.
Art Bunny by blackshirtboy
8409 views, 69 favorites, 2 comments
My last class of the semester was today, in celebration I drew an art-student-type-girl turning into a big bunny. Quick and dirty lines.
Squirrely by blackshirtboy
12873 views, 102 favorites, 6 comments