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Naga by Carillon
27472 views, 133 favorites, 6 comments
nice little snake
naga coloured by Carillon
23595 views, 127 favorites, 3 comments
My little Naga perfectly coloured by Pederis. I love that Comic style. Go on with it ;)
snailsmall by Carillon
27034 views, 119 favorites, 3 comments
nice and slimey
BECOMING by Carillon
24024 views, 108 favorites, 7 comments
because of all the complaints this is the plain version of "becoming". I also eradicated a few scratches I missed the first time and... it´s BIGGER ;)
widow by Carillon
25774 views, 78 favorites, 7 comments
These words he speaks are true. We're all humanary stew if. We don't pledge allegiance to... The Black Widow. ( there is also a sketch to this one)
froggy by Carillon
15811 views, 78 favorites, 10 comments
This was an idea I long kept inside the back of my mind, and now I finally found the time to get it out of there...
lupine c by Carillon
20832 views, 71 favorites, 11 comments
No, I´m not dead yet, and for this site is called "tranfurrrrr" i thought i could come up at least once with a transformation that has some fur in it ;) I´m not quite satisfied with how the shoes pop open (it´s a bit hard to identify the shoes themselves) but i like the like the comic style very much.
cat by Carillon
21368 views, 69 favorites, 3 comments
oh, yes...just another Cat
Frog by Carillon
20584 views, 64 favorites, 3 comments
uh, dont remember, when this was drawn...but it was a long time ago
Spidertaur by Carillon
24642 views, 57 favorites, 2 comments
the edges are a little bit rough, but the drawing itself was pretty small