Dynablade TF by Cenrji

Dynablade TF by

Date: 1/12/2018 Views: 4418 Favorites: 17 Comments: 2

Gender Change

A TF of a classic Kirby boss. There's no story in mind for this one.

Canonically, Dynablade is known to be a female and the TFee here is a male. You could argue there's a TG here, but don't forget Dynablade has chicks seen in the games, which could possibly mean male members of it's species existing. Either way, you probably should keep your young away from Kirby.


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Awwww, but Kirby helped them while Dynablade was hurt. Awesome TF btw


Yeah that's true, though it was Kirby that hurted Dynablade in the first place.

And somehow they became friends in the end, which is cute but strange.

Anyways, thank you!