Reflective Curse (Anthro Fox TF) by Cenrji

Reflective Curse (Anthro Fox TF) by

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Commissioned by BigLion2013 from dA through the use of my new Commissions box on dA.

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At first I thought this was poorly done at first, as I sort of drew this a little too quickly because I was in a really, really terrible mood earlier today. But it seems like he likes it and it honestly doesn't look THAT bad from looking at it a few times. Sure, it probably could be better, but eh... it's good. I digress.

Anyways, looks like our TFee BigLion had found himself in an altar of some sort. How he got there is a mystery, but within he found a strange mirror object. From looking at the reflection, he sees a rather creepy creature staring back at him, offering to change his look. And well, I suppose you probably can guess how the rest of the story goes, especially if you had read a lot of TF stories.


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hmm....... nice doodle


DA points, huh? I wonder if I'm drowning in em. been on there over a decade.