Chase Camel by ChaseTheFox

Chase Camel by

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When you're in the desert, you gotta do as they do.


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So there's this Arabian(?) folk tale and I likely have details off. But: a man on the outskirts of town hears some commotion. Then he sees a fox fleeing the town. He's able to stop it and ask what's going on. The fox says, ``There is a war on! They are impounding all the camels to carry materiel!'' The man says, ``But you are a fox, not a camel!'' The fox says, ``I know I am not a camel, and you know I am not a camel! But the people are excited and by the time they calm down and agree I am not a camel, I will be marched into the desert carrying a full camel's load!'' And as the man ponders this the fox runs into the distance, seeking safety.