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Husky by Chiron28
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Commission for Crazy Husky. 0% - 100%
A quick change by Chiron28
16125 views, 104 favorites, 10 comments
A part of a comic I plan to lanch in 2011
Check the Lable first by Chiron28
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Next year, check the experation date on the can before you drink it. Artist challenge 5# (Yes i know its late)
Orells First Day by Chiron28
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Not sure who did it, but it did somethin.
Dino Tf by Chiron28
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One of my weekly TF's I do on Dev.
This weeks TF by Chiron28
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Another TF
Dune: RP character in my Jurassic RP by Chiron28
6612 views, 65 favorites, 6 comments
Little do people know that the origional plot for Jurassic World was going to be dinosaur Hybrids, something that might still actually happen as the kid towards the end when he was looking at the computer screens said "Thats no dinosaur" leaving me to wonder what exactly did he mean? So I came up with an RP based on that first origional plot for Jurassic World. The transformation is... a bit unconventional but it saves a LOT of time and money trying to train Feral raptors, or birthing hybrids...
Not so fun anymore. by Chiron28
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Now if one were to be open to the idea of transformation, the mental trauma would be less severe, but if you were to transform into something (like a pony) the further you are transformed from a human form, the less likely you would survive it mentally. (Assuming your mental state was left human and not reduced to that of an animal. To say the least it looks cool in drawing, but the reality would be far more devistating than one might think. Right now i am working on a fallout equestria stor...
Careful, little Goo goes a long way by Chiron28
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Post TF from a rather memorable RP we had dabbling around in the Pokemon Universe. Enjoy. Marked dragon as Goodra in the pokemon universe is considered one.