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Cobalt Kimera TF by Cobalt_K
3 images, 23097 views, 86 favorites, 15 comments
I've used a cat/lion fursona for about six years, and lately I've decided it's time for a change. And what better way to signal a change of fursonas than by having one TF into the other? The new fursona is a mix of human and goat, with a splash of lion remnants. The crazy goatee braid was inspired by my penchant for drawing beards on my goat girls. Seems only fair to "suffer" a goatee myself!
Maid Mareian by Cobalt_K
5 images, 21647 views, 125 favorites, 4 comments
An Iron Artist commission for Xodiac where he changes into a beautiful mare after touching a magical hourglass. As the sands flow in reverse, s/he also finds herself transported to another time and place. (My IAs rarely had backgrounds in them so I'm afraid the time travel aspect is up to your imagination.)
Procene Beach TF by Cobalt_K
5 images, 20085 views, 79 favorites, 3 comments
A commission for Procene on FA, turning into his fursona. Comes complete with water manipulating powers! I didn't have a specified trigger so I thought he'd cut his foot on some glass at the beach. Must have had a TF potion in it before.
zebraCK by Cobalt_K
17343 views, 103 favorites, 8 comments
This girl has been turned into an anthro zebra for our amusement.
goatgrlOriginal by Cobalt_K
16532 views, 94 favorites, 3 comments
A satyr girl I drew last year. The legs are a little big, but I'm happy with the rest of it.
ChangeYouCanBelieve by Cobalt_K
16523 views, 92 favorites, 12 comments
These new magic "I Voted" buttons may or may not be a good incentive to get people to the polls. (This particular "voter" is me turning into my fursona, Cobalt Kitty. I would have gone with an elephant or a donkey, but that felt too cliché.)
Collie Rescuer Animal to Anthro by Cobalt_K
7 images, 16520 views, 126 favorites, 10 comments
A commission for EHH123. This collie is transformed via a series of injections over the course of a week and becomes a humanized dog. The final image shows her months, maybe years later, after she's learned to live among humans and trained to combine human intelligence and communication with her canine instincts and abilities to become a superior rescue worker.
NewYearTigerTF by Cobalt_K
15095 views, 188 favorites, 3 comments
Somebody had to do it. Decided to throw my hat into the ring. Happy Chinese New Year!
satyrAnthro by Cobalt_K
14542 views, 53 favorites, 0 comments
If you couldn't tell, I like satyrs. She's all fur here, so there's no nudity. The more noticable fur in certain areas just means it's grown longer and thicker there.
cassUTC by Cobalt_K
13561 views, 86 favorites, 6 comments
Concept art for Cass, the main character in my comic UTC, having just transformed into a goat.