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trixorz by Cobalt_K
8 images, 27776 views, 136 favorites, 14 comments
An old sequence circa 2004. It's never been shown to anyone...until now! A girl quickly learns the danger of eating discount-price imitation cereal. Apologies for the captions.
zebraCK by Cobalt_K
17218 views, 102 favorites, 8 comments
This girl has been turned into an anthro zebra for our amusement.
cassUTC by Cobalt_K
13464 views, 86 favorites, 6 comments
Concept art for Cass, the main character in my comic UTC, having just transformed into a goat.
FourPartCatgirl by Cobalt_K
26494 views, 162 favorites, 8 comments
A step-by-step transformation of a girl turning into a feline anthro and loving it.
goatgrlOriginal by Cobalt_K
16434 views, 94 favorites, 3 comments
A satyr girl I drew last year. The legs are a little big, but I'm happy with the rest of it.
uni by Cobalt_K
13254 views, 86 favorites, 5 comments
A quick unicorn transformation in ink and colored pencil. Looks like somebody's dream just came true.