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bad day by Corvidima
19640 views, 105 favorites, 3 comments
(It really was a bad day when I drew this too!)
fruit snacks by Corvidima
19368 views, 84 favorites, 11 comments
Artist Challenge #5: Fruit Snacks! Quick 'n' Dirty - all I've got time for.
Terrie by Corvidima
18810 views, 81 favorites, 2 comments
Gift for Newenglander of his character "Terrie"
NotDolphinSafe by Corvidima
18546 views, 81 favorites, 11 comments
I love just can't trust all of it... Commission for @thistle.
Trilobabe sm by Corvidima
17894 views, 75 favorites, 17 comments
[Trilobite - Cancer Fund] WARNING: Do Not Swim For At Least 20 Minutes After Eating Primordial Soup.
Sumatran - Cancer Fund by Corvidima
17699 views, 107 favorites, 9 comments
[Sumatran Tiger - Cancer Fund] The pool was relaxation at its finest; allowing him to shed the façade we call humanity. Wading through, the gentle waves lapped against his skin, causing change wherever they touched. His skin prickled as new, downy hair covered his body, stripes darkening here and there. At long last his eyesight cleared; he blinked, taking off his unneeded spectacles. He would keep them as a memento‚Ķnothing more‚Ķ
bambiraptor by Corvidima
16295 views, 55 favorites, 7 comments
Nothing special - just getting ready to head out into the field, and figured a dinosaur seemed appropriate :)
Saberwizard - Cancer Fund by Corvidima
15591 views, 36 favorites, 6 comments
[Smilodon Wizard - Cancer Fund] There....he heard it again. The wizard opened one of his pouches, drawing forth the powedered smilodonis ferrous. There were consequences with meddling in the affairs of the magical, and he would show the intruder just what kind. He tossed the powder above him, and felt the world shimmer. Padding softly around a corner the moonbeams filtered through the tall windows, making his furry coat glisten. He shook the last of the powder off him. He would have to re...
trex tf by Corvidima
15137 views, 63 favorites, 7 comments
Gift-art for Metamorpher.
Foo by Corvidima
14507 views, 35 favorites, 3 comments
Following Skychaser's take on an oriental theme... Here's my Zodiac: dog ( dog anyways). Sicker than a dog right now...hence the blue color.