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The Gift of 9 Lives by Corvidima
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Part dream, part family. Makes my heart ache at times.
polar bear sm by Corvidima
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[Cancer Fund] Understandably, Bearnice was upset...
apulius sm by Corvidima
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[Apulius: The Golden Ass - Cancer Fund] "Hmm...weird title for a book. Well, she said it would really come to life as I read it, so I guess I'll give it a shot. I'll just flip through here a little....Wha - What the HEEEEEEHAAAAw is this?!?!"
nightowl by Corvidima
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ducktf sm by Corvidima
12186 views, 38 favorites, 9 comments
[Duck - Cancer Fund] *Squeak* "What the...! A rubber ducky? THAT's what did this?" *sigh...* "Hopefully I'll get a health insurance discount..."
rash by Corvidima
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Set Your Spirit Free by Corvidima
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Taking Yoga classes while on an Art Nouveau kick... add in my favorite middle-eastern dance outfit, and thought the three might combine into something interesting.
bunnytf sm by Corvidima
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[Cancer Fund] Ear's lookin' at you...