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Cerys by Coyoteskin
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going to four legs like the animal familiar~ (moonsting is my new handle over at FA)
Khatun by Coyoteskin
11971 views, 115 favorites, 14 comments
On the steppes, women were stolen from one family and taken as brides for other families. She prayed to the sky for the strength and the ability to leave her captors. And the sky answered, although it was in quite an unusual manner. ;) From here on out she roamed the plains in her armor and on her stout pony and freed all the prisoners~ And she became a super hero~ But maybe she was also immortal? o__o and like was miserable because of the dichotomy of the gift the sky had given her? One f...
Timid by Coyoteskin
4 images, 19878 views, 177 favorites, 11 comments
Commission piece~
Donkey key key by Coyoteskin
8640 views, 60 favorites, 4 comments
lil warm up sketch to get me back into things
Ophrys by Coyoteskin
17642 views, 104 favorites, 13 comments
I clearly don't know what I'm doing @__@ (in terms of merging sequences...and also drawing) Thank you to Artist_Guy and Bleuski - both of whom helped me with difficulties.
Nadja by Coyoteskin
19714 views, 147 favorites, 9 comments
Thank you for the comments and favs on this picture's earlier version; I'm sorry to remove them :(
Mr. Rochester by Coyoteskin
19416 views, 74 favorites, 27 comments
Reverse TF~ Warning: Absolutely NO penis is visible.
Lux by Coyoteskin
4 images, 49365 views, 418 favorites, 29 comments
Katja by Coyoteskin
33857 views, 469 favorites, 18 comments
Surprise tf! Hopefully comes off as playful...? Spent the afternoon trying to remember how to draw/colour things on the computer. After almost four months of inactivity, I maybe forgot how to do things. But this free time will allow me to actually get back to all the projects I'd like to fiiinally finish.
John by Coyoteskin
24060 views, 315 favorites, 26 comments
Well, sort of back to my old style. :x