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Temple Guardian by Demyxia
11778 views, 92 favorites, 1 comment
For lunarkeys of Digi turning into a rubber Kirin~ I had a lot of fun with this =w=
Awaited Freedom by Demyxia
7479 views, 90 favorites, 3 comments
Re-do of a really old piece of mine~
Wyvern Splash Page by Demyxia
8231 views, 89 favorites, 4 comments
Mama Dragon by Demyxia
12364 views, 88 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for dulce who pretty much let me have free reign, he said to do 'whatever I thought fit for him' and I dunno, I always think of him as a mama dragon x3 And the red weaver race IS dying out... what better fit than a mama weaver? I'm sure Crimson appreciates the help <3
Stoatly stoat by Demyxia
7800 views, 88 favorites, 5 comments
Just a girl turning into a stoat ;)
Ludo by Demyxia
7021 views, 86 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Ludo
Fsss by Demyxia
10554 views, 86 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for rismic who wanted a lady turning into an inflatable silver fox~ I was allowed to design her and such. Was fun :D Enjoy~
Feral Experiment by Demyxia
8108 views, 79 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for sl1 of his experiment looking rather peeved as she's forced into a more feral form of her usual looks. We're not really sure what she's supposed to resemble, so I went for something between a wolf and a fox to play it safe. Enjoy~
Snakelady TF by Demyxia
9389 views, 79 favorites, 3 comments
Just snakin' about, lookin cool with that -way- too long tail.
Dragon and a Show by Demyxia
9154 views, 78 favorites, 2 comments
vwv Man, it's been a while since I drew some fan service for myself of Coal's transformations~ Thanks to Talin for sponsoring this image and letting me have some fun <3 Coal is capable of turning into a big, hulking dragon since he's a warrior demon, Kaito is always highly infatuated with the transformation. I am in such a monstery TF mood today <3<3 Aaugh