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Bullistic by Demyxia
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I'm really falling from my throne with my titles :/ Oh well Commission for 20eagle13 of them TFing into their bull sona in a saloon thanks to a cursed nosering!
Comm - Werewolf Forms by Demyxia
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Sneeky Snake by Demyxia
5600 views, 74 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for onom of their character enduring a transformation into their chimera self~ Sneky is gettin a little close there~ No chimera tag :c
*Bear Puns* by Demyxia
9449 views, 70 favorites, 2 comments
A commission for Ealadubh of themself being turned into a bear by Crimson~ He gave me mostly free reign, only giving me the key ideas of being turned to live their life more fully and travel, while also being changed into something that would make them loved and appreciated. A bear almost immediately came to mind and, while I'm not exactly sure why it was the first idea, I rather like the concept and the end result~
You gotta lotta nerve, boy by Demyxia
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"So, you think you can waltz into -my- establishment and cause all this ruckus? Pfeh, you adventurers are all the same. Got your big mouths and your grand stories of spoils. Well, where're those spoils now, eh? Where's that damsel you escorted out in your arms? But she dumped your sorry ass for someone a lot more charming... "Ah! I know, let's get you a new career, one more befitting someone with a mouth like yours. You like that oat stout, doncha? Well, I got a lot more where that came from. D...
Aspen Werewolf Tf by Demyxia
10657 views, 68 favorites, 4 comments
Quick tf of my character Aspen into a werewolf D: probably a magic spell gone terribly wrong
Prideful Pony by Demyxia
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A commission for Ealadubh of himself being corrupted into the unicorn personification of "Pride" by my character Nega.
Cloud Shifter by Demyxia
7176 views, 63 favorites, 0 comments
It seems Post decided to hang out with his favorite husky goddess, Cindy again. She took him out to Dana'thil, the god capital city, and up to the clouds to turn him into her favorite, big-pawed corgi form~
Squeaky by Demyxia
7467 views, 62 favorites, 3 comments
We are proud to introduce the new and improved RUBBER PANTHER(tm) inflatable pool toy! Not intended for personal use, no refunds, symptoms may include: Nausea, dizziness, constipation and massive bloating. Consult your doctor before use.
New Pets by Demyxia
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Commission for shatteredskyhusky of a guy being forced into a monstery, submissive pet for my Nega~ <3