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Jademoontail Comic by Demyxia
26071 views, 286 favorites, 5 comments
A commission for Jademoontail on FA : D
Prideful Pony by Demyxia
2 images, 18635 views, 64 favorites, 1 comment
A commission for Ealadubh of himself being corrupted into the unicorn personification of "Pride" by my character Nega.
Oh, miss maid kitty~ by Demyxia
15961 views, 193 favorites, 6 comments
Commission of someone being forced to wear a maid costume and then turning into a female kitty maid~ Enjoy!
Lizard tf by Demyxia
15939 views, 194 favorites, 5 comments
Some lady transforming into a lizard type creature of the shiny variety.
Bears in the Arctic by Demyxia
3 images, 15548 views, 139 favorites, 5 comments
A series of in-stream commissions that work as a sequence~ Enjoy
Robos by Demyxia
4 images, 14408 views, 27 favorites, 7 comments
Edit: Now featuring the last robo for thelostwolf I totally forgot to add some of the robos I did, here they are!~ In order @PheagleAdler @Onom @IcyFoxy TheLostwolf
Mama Dragon by Demyxia
12272 views, 88 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for dulce who pretty much let me have free reign, he said to do 'whatever I thought fit for him' and I dunno, I always think of him as a mama dragon x3 And the red weaver race IS dying out... what better fit than a mama weaver? I'm sure Crimson appreciates the help <3
Whale... darn by Demyxia
11931 views, 57 favorites, 5 comments
Long story short- whale taur TF~ Enjoy!
Chibi Commission - NightDonk by Demyxia
11769 views, 60 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for nightfirer of himself enduring an experiment by Silao (I believe) the donkey doc and being turned into a feral donkey~
Temple Guardian by Demyxia
11672 views, 92 favorites, 1 comment
For lunarkeys of Digi turning into a rubber Kirin~ I had a lot of fun with this =w=