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Feelin' Cute - Mantis TF by Dondedun
2245 views, 24 favorites, 2 comments
Feeling cute, might turn into a bug and be even cuter!
The Lizard Stones- Lizard TF by Dondedun
2632 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
You think a practitioner of magic would have the common sense not to rest in a place called the Lizard Stones
Bwak!? - Chicken TF by Dondedun
2812 views, 25 favorites, 1 comment
The café was short on eggs but fortunately Janet volunteered to acquire more
Dragon Crystal - Dragon TG TF by Dondedun
2797 views, 53 favorites, 2 comments
Please do not touch the magic crystals, you might have to make some significant lifestyle changes if you do
Another Dragon TF by Dondedun
1920 views, 31 favorites, 0 comments
Sometimes you just gotta draw an enthusiastic dragon tf
Be A-Were - Werecat TF by Dondedun
1974 views, 32 favorites, 3 comments
Werefolk should probably be more a-were of the moon cycle
M-moo? - Cow TF by Dondedun
3746 views, 49 favorites, 1 comment
This is where cows come from.
Spontaneous Dragonfication - Dragon TF by Dondedun
2169 views, 33 favorites, 0 comments
Sometimes you gotta be a dragon just 'cause!
Dragon Tail - Dragon TF by Dondedun
3770 views, 33 favorites, 3 comments
Being an adventurer is a dangerous with some unexpected upsides
The Wand - Catgirl TGTF by Dondedun
6296 views, 58 favorites, 2 comments
Be careful arounded discarded wand you don't know if they have any power left in them