Raccoon TF (ANIM) - Staying Up Late by Drigil

Raccoon TF (ANIM) - Staying Up Late by

Date: 6/30/2022 Views: 5281 Favorites: 55 Comments: 7

Forced Transformation

And here we go again! Another animation, another 1680 frames of animated glorious, another victim of Adomm, and another unwilling new member of the group of animalified humans known as the Nature's Chosen.

If anyone's interested in the actual story of this character, Ryan here is an up and coming online streamer doing the classic binge-movies and game-playing, all while balancing a relatively mediocre school life. It's just another day where he decides to pull an all-nighter to stream his reaction to a very hype movie series when, all of the sudden, Adomm floats on by and does a little practising to maintain her skills. This naturally puts a damper in these plans.

After waking up, though, he was right back on his computer, asking chat for help and what he should do. At this point, it's becoming common internet knowledge that the Nature's Chosen are created by some invisible wandering spirit, and the changes are by all accounts irreversible, so he just has to accept it and move on. Of course, he will end up capitalizing on it and his follower count will skyrocket. Saves him having to create a VTuber model, at the least.

Also, that cameo at the end; ignore that. It's not part of the canon. I didn't even draw those frames, they just appeared halfway through the project, and whenever I try to delete them, it requests administrator access to all my storyboard-idea text files. Can't let anything have that, so I figure you guys are perfectly fine and capable of ignoring the last 30 frames and that there is nothing wrong with that.


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Have a good night, ring-tail.


for a moment i though was a cat but then it became a raccoon x3


Very well done and very cute too.


I like the dedication to crafting little stories in these - a very nice change of pace from the often context-free nature of much TF art.

Also, "Why, Internet!?" slayed me XD


There is so much energy in these animations! I don't recall if you ever do a colored version, which would be awesome, but probably also time consuming, so keep doing what you want to do!!


It also makes the gif a really large file-size.


"I am completely covered"... heh, yea, no lie there...