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Date: 1/23/2001 Views: 24708 Favorites: 70 Comments: 4

Raven and Crow

Here's something that doesn't come up very often; a raven sequence. Twelve frames in all. See what you think of this one.


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His clothing is gradually being shed as the sequence goes on, shoes first. Look behind him and you'll see one of the shoes. :>

I was encouraged to use more interesting viewpoints by Gryf, actually. This sequence seemed to be perfect for it, since it links different locations over a period of time.


Home... nevermore to roam?

(Sorry). Still, he seems a bit happier than Prof. Corbin (see Comus for details...)


tooooo casual


This has got to be one of the first submissions on transfur its even older than the Raven Transformation in the top right corner of the home screen https://www.transfur.com/Users/XXy/Submissions/8001