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Crow Closeup by Everard
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Rat Closeup by Everard
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ev-joecamel by Everard
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The guide didn't look quite local when I first met him. Also, he didn't have any camels.
ev-earlyriser by Everard
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I guess he's a morning person? Man, I don't get morning people.
ev-momamiadopted by Everard
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"Unh, uh -- I'M BUSY MA!" As you can see, Shadowchaser gave me a little remedial lesson in using the Levels adjustment in Photoshop. Kudos. Meanwhile, this is for Eric, who emailed me a request. I hadn't done a werewolf yet, so I figured I should. Anyone else wanting to make requests, I'm gonna be open to suggestion for the next little while, so if anybody's interested... Oh, and originality helps, as do specifics.