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Scorpion by Faunus
21541 views, 129 favorites, 6 comments
That scorpion venom cure for asthma has some issues.
Rattlesnake by Faunus
10867 views, 60 favorites, 4 comments
After this, she was understandably rattled.
Horsehead by Faunus
12539 views, 103 favorites, 6 comments
HorseCoffee by Faunus
17863 views, 133 favorites, 7 comments
You know how it is...you're out having coffee, and whamo! You start turning into a horse.
tree- by Faunus
15921 views, 86 favorites, 6 comments
She's at the Noah's Ark Nightclub for now, but she was just leaving.
raccoon- by Faunus
15827 views, 187 favorites, 3 comments
She's been raccooned!
tearshirt- by Faunus
17339 views, 93 favorites, 12 comments
Evidently, this is a surprise for her.
pumpkin- by Faunus
30227 views, 72 favorites, 12 comments
For the latest artist challenge...Instant Jack-O-Lantern! Just Open the Box!
NoahsArkDolphin by Faunus
26347 views, 157 favorites, 8 comments
Another attendee of the Noah's Ark Nightclub
CuteChick by Faunus
26386 views, 89 favorites, 12 comments
I like cute chicks