Like a Moth to a Flame by frankenJade

Like a Moth to a Flame by

Date: 4/4/2023 Views: 5944 Favorites: 47 Comments: 7


Zan the cryptozoologist took their friend Sarah with them on a hunt for Mothman. Sarah inhaled some strange powder and now she's becoming a mothwoman! Seems like Zan's about to get the research opportunity of a lifetime, if they don't get too distracted!

Sarah left with Zan's headlamp and it looks like Zan's intimate encounter with her left them changing too! Not that they seem to mind!


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you know bugs arent my thing but she is a bit adorable n sexy least currently ... i gotta see how the changes end for a final verdict but as normal great job frankenjade


I’d like to see hos she turns out


it really cute


"Don't be afraid! I can help you find your way out of this forest!"


"Easy! The moth always appears on the north side of a tree, ah hahaha!"


It's pics like these that can lead to an idea for a webcomic.


i love this ^w^


Ah yey, the logical third entry in the mothperson line, mothenby. 👍