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Oh no! Oh god! by Gaia1234
14202 views, 126 favorites, 13 comments
Ahaha, redone image from last year that I never finished. Deer Tf. :D
New dog collar by Gaia1234
13939 views, 113 favorites, 3 comments
A, dog TF. c: Bow wow!
Different kind of udder by Gaia1234
13920 views, 137 favorites, 6 comments
I don't know. Me Transforming into a nanny Goat. Enjoy?
There goes his hands by Gaia1234
11771 views, 76 favorites, 5 comments
A little boar tf for agentcypher over on fa.
Personal talk with the boss by Gaia1234
10701 views, 73 favorites, 10 comments
Well, I guess the boss... Had other plans. Never really made a story for it... so enjoy the TF??? I really like the pose I did for the TFing guy...
Happy Udder-Day by Gaia1234
9865 views, 62 favorites, 3 comments
I forgot to draw something for good old friend. So I did this after his birthday a while back. He got a nice cowbell. :3
After work... TF Happens! by Gaia1234
3 images, 8976 views, 51 favorites, 3 comments
Just when you want to go home to relax for the day... Boom! You've become a animal. c:
Huskytf by Gaia1234
8854 views, 108 favorites, 4 comments
Ah, man I really love silverclaw1 on fa's artwork so much and her Transformations are just wonderful to. I tried to get a sense of her style in this one since I look up to her art.
He's getting dragon scales by Gaia1234
8819 views, 93 favorites, 6 comments
Just a random Transformation to a dragon. c:
Feeling a little feathered~ by Gaia1234
8808 views, 62 favorites, 4 comments
But was just drawing me kind of... tfing. Thought I would share.