Happy Flamingo! by Garig1510

Happy Flamingo! by

Date: 3/23/2020 Views: 4374 Favorites: 20 Comments: 2

Cursed Location
Forced Transformation

Wetlands are tricky places! If you walk off the designated path, you should be prepared to make the, uhh... 'necessary adjustments' to your new surroundings!

Well, I haven't drawn TF for months, and I kinda missed doing it! So here is a Flamingo headshot TF sequence - Andean Flamingo, to be more precise - as some refresher/practice! I don't think I've ever worked with a pink plumage before, but it's been a lot of fun! Oh, and first time doing headshot sequences too! But I'm happy with how this one came out! :)

Now I just need to get myself to draw more TF, haha!

And as always, any feedback and constructive criticism is well appreciated! I'm always looking to get better with art, and the latter two can help a lot! :)


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If they like it is it really so much of a curse? Also I like it when they like it


Oh, well I think 'curse' is just used as a generic expression in this case, not necessarily in a negative way! Like in this case, the subject likes the outcome of the so-called curse! ;)