Doing the Stilts, err... Splits! by Garig1510

Doing the Stilts, err... Splits! by

Date: 6/11/2020 Views: 3892 Favorites: 22 Comments: 1


Oh, look another TF! Maybe this time I can actually get into the flow of drawing these more? Hopefully! ;)

But so, the target species here was a Black-necked Stilt! I love these birds in real life too, I always see them around the wetlands here, and they can be really hilarious, running around with their long legs in the shallow water, chasing after small fish! A lovely species, and a very fun project to work on! :)

I think I'll take a break and draw some regular birds for the next couple projects, but I already have an idea in mind for another TF piece, so! Stay tuned for that!


And hey! I have a Ko-Fi page now! I use it for commissions, but also as a tip jar!

If you enjoy my art and wish to leave me a tip, each and every bit would be most appreciated! But it's completely optional, of course! ;)


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Great work man:D