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dtoesock by GeckzGo
68555 views, 521 favorites, 32 comments
Dedicated to toe socks, and all their comfiness.
dragonserumr by GeckzGo
56447 views, 522 favorites, 23 comments
you might want to read the warning label before injecting yourself in the lab...heh, finally have a profile pic ^^..some inspiration from solidasp's lizardwoman pic. sorry i still havent done a full dragon tf yet..
dgfrontposer by GeckzGo
50925 views, 531 favorites, 18 comments
hehe..bad hair day? (i actually did this for my artist profile pic, but i just found out the dimensions dont match.. =/)
pyraach by GeckzGo
40546 views, 282 favorites, 12 comments
request done for Peter C of his (i think) character Pyraach Ur, mate of Wyraach Ur
Sharkgirl by GeckzGo
35068 views, 538 favorites, 23 comments
I think she has a different shark problem now... From the Transfur donation drive.
tanis by GeckzGo
32950 views, 274 favorites, 18 comments
Evion's character, Tanis. She's so loveable =) I tried making it like the original's background and such.
Walk on the beach by GeckzGo
30434 views, 248 favorites, 15 comments
On a hot, summer day....
tigergirlcr by GeckzGo
30081 views, 236 favorites, 7 comments
i did a really quick and cheap method of coloring her, so it looks a bit funny but i think it came out decently
sittingwwgirl by GeckzGo
22136 views, 104 favorites, 5 comments
I just watched Cursed, so I was in a werewolf girl mood :) if you want to try coloring this, email me and I will send you a high res copy. I will eventually do my own colors too, but probably not for a little while.
Unclean Wound by GeckzGo
19966 views, 366 favorites, 25 comments
Sketch inspired by the Worgen from WoW. A victim of a werewolf's scratch thinks she has made peace with her fate, but is nonetheless shocked as her body transforms before her eyes.