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Scaled by GrandStorm
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Lizard chair? sure... lizard chair...
Witches: Under Foot by GrandStorm
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... To bad I've no salt handy today, but I think we can improvise. The witch laughed as her heel slowly pressed down on the boy's gaint slug figure with the bottom of her toes, spreading his squishy body out under foot.
Witches: Pets by GrandStorm
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... Come down closer and you can have this snake. You two would make the best of friends I'm sure! Cues the witch as her eyes glowed an ominous purple from down below not more than a few feet as she passes up the scaled serpent to the boy.
Witches: Donkey Belch by GrandStorm
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... and with a final belch child's thoughts drown into a dizzing state that leaves them as stubborn, dumb, and foolish as the ears on their heads! Says the witch of the short young donkey bloated out with gassy after effects of the newly tested potion
Gazelle Brothers by GrandStorm
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Old sketch that was one of my betters. Two brothers become two gazelles