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Sabel by Hazard
33625 views, 226 favorites, 9 comments
And this months is a quick one I belted out for all the Furries out there!
HealthyLiving by Hazard
58980 views, 413 favorites, 11 comments
Hiya everyone. An early stage Kangaroo pic is this month's monthly. The sneaker is a homage to the old Dawn pic.
Jamie by Hazard
36600 views, 154 favorites, 3 comments
And the gift for a great gal. She asked for a non-sexual/nude/painful tf based on an photo of herself, tricky but turned out to be an appealing challenge.
Racamii by Hazard
43549 views, 294 favorites, 13 comments
This scanned from a very small original, hence the thick clumsy outlines. She still rings a few bells though ;)
AlliceWoolfe by Hazard
21113 views, 95 favorites, 2 comments
The Title pic for my now defunct web site. The colouring is how I'll be doing most pics from now on.
Arooo by Hazard
32779 views, 456 favorites, 15 comments
An older one that wouldn't upload last time strangely.
Suki by Hazard
36417 views, 155 favorites, 3 comments
This was originally sketched at the same time as the first insect pic, hence the older style.
Alice by Hazard
29625 views, 203 favorites, 2 comments
A gift for the renegade. Though, there are still some things I'd like to fix on this one. (I'll get around to it one day)
Ribbity by Hazard
47084 views, 235 favorites, 4 comments
Yes, this tf does need some more frames. I'm getting to it, I promise.