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Lucern tf by Heezy
4 images, 23998 views, 207 favorites, 16 comments
Request for Fener.zmaj (FA). His character, Lucern, transforming into a dragon. Sorry for taking so long, but comics take me a while. :p
Wolf TF Sequence by Heezy
20121 views, 163 favorites, 10 comments
Request from ston3d-Wolf Tried a different look, and was fun to do. It's supposed to be about 25% for each change in the sequence. :D
Horse tf by Heezy
11 images, 32921 views, 150 favorites, 10 comments
I started this at least three months ago, but got caught up in other things, so after a very busy time, I finally finished. It's been awhile since I posted anything, but I'll start to do more later on.
Halloween Costume tf by Heezy
22966 views, 137 favorites, 5 comments
It's a watchdog, scarecrow, and cowboy(bullboy?) Wanted to draw something Halloweeny before it was too late. :)
Volfenstu Wolf tf by Heezy
14895 views, 130 favorites, 6 comments
Request for Volfenstu (FA). Himself turning into a feral version of his character. I guess it's kinda like a sequel to the FoxLightning tf I did previously, but he's not feral in this one.
Husky tf by Heezy
13834 views, 128 favorites, 6 comments
This guy decides to goes out for a stroll and unexpectedly turns into a husky, though he doesn't seem too happy about it... Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I started this back in November and it took me a long while to finish it.
Class Magic tf by Heezy
26369 views, 123 favorites, 13 comments
I tried to do more of a "poof" transformation rather than a gradual one. Hope you like it. When Jimmy's magic trick for his class failed, it turned out it actually worked, and he hasn't even realize it yet.
Dragon tf by Heezy
19981 views, 122 favorites, 6 comments
Here is one of my first dragon transformations. My guess is that out of curiosity, the guy slipped the chain collar around his head, not expecting the unusual outcome. This one was a little more difficult than others. More because I had trouble with the front wing not covering too much of the body and at the same time, not looking awkward. Overall, I think it turned out really nice.
Maned Wolf tf by Heezy
16949 views, 107 favorites, 8 comments
A request I did for nightfirer. Transformation of him turning into a maned wolf.
German Shepherd tf by Heezy
9824 views, 107 favorites, 5 comments
Request for BigDog2010 Updated with more fur on the tail and couldn't save the previous comments. Sorry about that. :p