Swift Seizer by Hukeng

Swift Seizer by

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"Are you… feeling anything yet?" the old scientist asked, while skeptically adjusting his glasses.

His young colleague had exchanged her labcoat for a light training outfit and was now panting and sweating on a treadmill, while silently cursing every single cigarette she had smoked over the past years.

"Not *pant* yet, but soon, I´m *anf* sure."

"Miss, you are making a fool of yourself. The mutagen is still in it´s experimental phase. At this point, I sincerely doubt it´s gonna have any effect at all."

"If we *wheeze* don´t produce any tangible results until tomorrow *anf* the suits are gonna cut off our money supply, and this time for *huff* good!"

"You still shouldn´t have tested the sample on yourself. Who knows what side effects you might experience…"

"Such as…?"

"Oh, I don´t know." The senior suddenly raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "What about growing feathers all over your… everything?"

The young researcher let out a surprised gasp as she noticed the the bluish fluff that had begun sprouting on her skin. Involuntarily, she begun picking up speed, the machine underneath her feet giving off a faint buzzing sound as it was slowly pushed towards it´s limits.

"Hah! It works! It WORKS!" she laughed with a rapturous sigh.

"Well, congratulations on your newly achieved gift for sports." The old scientist remarked, with a barely audible hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Now do us all a favor and step down of that thing. You might end up hurting yourself… or… others."

He cast a concerned glance at the sickle-shaped claws that were ripping out of her shoes.

"Your legs are starting to look… oddly proportioned."

"I don´t CARE!" She squealed with delight. She was running. she was hunting. Nothing could stop her. Nothing could escape her. She could feel the sharp fangs in her mouth, the claws on her hands and feet, her pulsating leg muscles and the long tail that had just popped out of her lower back and was now balancing out each and every one of her movements as she ran faster and faster and…

With a sudden cracking noise, the treadmill burst apart under an amount of stress it had never been designed to handle. The raptor girl was saved by her newfound, quick reflexes, wich enabled her to stop her last dash mere inches away from the reinforced concrete wall.

Slowly, with her body still twitching from the adrenaline rush, she turned around to find her colleague carefully backing off towards the exit.

The two stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

"Eeer… I think I´m gonna need something strong after that. Shall I get you something as well, Miss?"

"Roastbeef would be nice, thanks. Lots of roastbeef…"


Fun fact: Velociraptors, like most if not all dromeosaurids, had feathers. Also, they were tiny, at least compared to how they are usually depicted in movies.


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The ones depicted in the movies are actually closer to the Utahraptor, a divergent species of raptor that was larger and localized to North America.