Weresheep by Hukeng

Weresheep by

Date: 7/24/2015 Views: 8439 Favorites: 45 Comments: 3


She might have taken a part-time job at her crazy uncle´s garage for the summer, but her true passion are cheesy old-school fantasy novels, wich she loves to scavenge and "save" from garage sales. Also, she´s definitely an old childhood friend of that dog boy, who has always been unusually -almost instictively- protective towards her...

Playing around with digital greyscale and shading, wich turned this from a bunch of sketches I wasn´t even particularly fond of into something I almost sorta like.

Also, I told you there would be sheep.


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nice o3o


I love stuff like this. Unusual were-creatures are the best!


now what will happen