Tail Girls by Hukeng

Tail Girls by

Date: 8/6/2015 Views: 6297 Favorites: 57 Comments: 7

In a world in wich spontaneous betailment is an everyday occurrence, society has adapted to the phenomenon as good as it can. Legwear is equipped with a particular "tailseam" designed to rip open in case of unexpected, explosive growth of the additional appendage, insurance companies offer tail damage policies for all different shapes and sizes, and mass-produced chairs are fitted with large holes to offer a comfortable seat without having to furl one´s tail into potentially unpleasant shapes.

Those affected by the condition tend to accept and even ejoy it after a while, and the proud display of particularly well developed and exotic tails has become an everyday sight, especially in large cities.


I heard people like tails - so I started putting tails on people.


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Behold! The future! It is good :D


Tails Forever!!!


That's some cool stuff !


If only this really happened...


Tails are always good.


YES! I LOVE IT! Wish it was real lol.