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Lycanos's dream by Jmillart
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Commission for lykanos on FA Somedays you work like a dog, some days you are dog tired. Some mornings you wake up a little fuzzy. It's all good. Woof. Woof, oh, werewolf. AROOOO!
Andy has been working like a dog by Jmillart
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And then became one. One of my YCH commissions drawn for Andy on FA. I very rarely have ever had a transformation themed dream. This pose was fun to draw because one of my Best TF memories was dreaming that I transformed into a dog while on a office style chair. XD
Hard to balance by Jmillart
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Andy is having a hard time balancing on his "two" legs during his transformation. For Andy on FA inspired by the style of Fazar on FA
Your nose is red by Jmillart
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Just a few friends at a christmas party. Turns out the party had a theme to go help santa that night! featured in a much larger picture found here and here